Monday, November 24, 2008

Inspiring Gifts

Last week at the Women's Leadership Exchange Summit here in New York City, I met Mary Schnack, founder of Up from the Dust.

Up from the Dust showcases beautiful handcrafted items from women artisans in Kenya, Guatemala, Mexico, India, Pakistan, and other countries. There are embroidered table linens and pillows, gorgeous necklaces, even some ecofriendly pieces like handbags made from soda can pop-tops and stunning bowls made from leftover cable. Yes, cable!

Mary, who is a communications expert, was part of the relief effort in Rwanda in 1994, and now lectures all over the globe. During her travels, local women artists would bring her their wares, and she found a business in helping them to create entrepreneurial opportunities for themselves.

Check out the site for holiday gifts or one-of-a-kind accessories for bridesmaids or mothers. I'm inspired by Mary and by the talents and resourcefulness of the women of the world!

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