Saturday, May 30, 2009

Design Sample--Hamptons Beach Club Wedding

For every party we create, our team produces a "design sample" to give clients the opportunity to approve and/or edit each element on the tabletop. For this wedding, the bride wanted a kind of easy elegance in the tablescape. We created three different versions of this type of arrangement, so that at the party, the room will have texture and light on many levels. This is a photo of the design sample meeting, which in our case, takes place about a month before the wedding. Isn't the color story beautiful?

I love the blowsy blue and green hydrangeas paired with the more exotic orchids, and the submerged woven steel grass in the vase adds an oceanic vibe.

We based our color story around a very chic, muted khaki pintuck tablecloth in taffeta, and added an amber goblet as an accent to the club's simple, but lovely glassware.

To add more interest at eye-level, we nestled resin (ecofriendly) coral, vases filled with white blooms, and blown glass votives in varying patterns, as well as taller floating candles. There's no such thing as too many candles! The effect will be breezy and effortless, and the addition of just a few of these tall pieces within the room will work beautifully with the soaring ceilings in the club. The verdict: everyone loved it! Can't wait for the wedding!

The bottom line: if you're planning a big, important celebration such as a wedding, make sure to include a design sample meeting in your contract. This way, you'll make sure everyone is on the same page, you'll have a chance to voice concerns or just approve the overall design, and you'll avoid surprises on the big day!

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Ann Nyberg said...

Beautiful wedding, Karen.