Monday, June 1, 2009

Real Wedding: Nadia and Amit

Here are just a few moments from the wedding of two of my close friends. The bride's mother brought us back traditional saris from Bangladesh to wear to the ceremony...there were three days of festivities, beginning with the Gai Holud, which is a light-hearted gathering for family and friends.

The photo below shows guests applying turmeric to the bride and groom's faces, a tradition that dates back to ancient times when turmeric was used as an ingredient in beauty rituals. We "beautified" our already gorgeous couple, and then fed them sweets from bountiful trays and bowls that were set out before them.
The groom rode in on a white horse...

The bride, accompanied by her own drumline...

Quite a bridal entrance, no? Nadia is dressed in the traditional Bengali colors, orange and green, and she wore flower garlands around her neck and on her hands, along with the mehndi or henna tattoos on her hands and feet.

More photos to come!

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