Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pratt Legends 2009

What's better than a great party? How about a fabulous, eco-friendly, design forward gala honoring legends Patti Smith, Marc Jacobs, and David Rockwell? I created this gorgeous celebration on the 49th floor of 7 World Trade Center in a totally raw space. Every single thing you see in these photos was brought in for the party, so we made an effort to minimize our impact by choosing materials that are rented, reused, and recycled, while still being stunning.

Me with our events director Nicole Fazzini, on the Pratt Blue Carpet and Nicole, sporting radio and moving furniture during setup!

We created the Legends Lounge on the south side of the space--an after-dinner dessert space with a performance stage where Patti Smith sang some of her classics, wowing the crowd!

The beautiful space had views overlooking all of Manhattan and Brooklyn, and the recyclable, modern decorations all created a simple stunning atmosphere.

Local dahlias were used to make the centerpieces in collapsible "Vazus." To check out vazus, visit http://www.vazu-usa.com/

Serpentine and rectangular tables made the floor plan interesting and unique.

Words to work by!

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cam said...

I love your idea for serpentine tables! I wonder though: are they comfortable for guests? I'm getting married in an art gallery in March and would love to use the setup you had in Simply Stunning Weddings but I'm afraid people won't have enough arm room or be able to talk comfortably. What feedback did you get from guests about this? Thanks!!