Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentine's Party Recipes

If you are looking for food and drinks your guests will fall in love with,
try my quick quesadilla recipe from Simple Stunning Parties at Home
and my Cupid-friendly Cocktail: V-jito

Quick Quesadillas

Serves 8

½ cup canned refried beans
8 medium flour tortillas
¼ pound Monterrey Jack cheese, grated
¼ pound Cheddar cheese, grated
2 tablespoons olive oil
Fresh salsa, for serving
Sour cream, for serving

Spread refried beans on each of the tortillas. On 4
Tortillas, sprinkle enough of each cheese to cover
the tortilla, leaving a little space at the edge. Cover
with the remaining 4 tortillas, bean-side pressed
against the cheese. In a medium skillet on medium-
high heat, warm the olive oil, then cook the tortillas
one at a time until they’re golden brown on both
sides and the cheese is melted. Slice into quarters
and serve with fresh salsa on top and sour cream
on the side.

Cupid-friendly Cocktail: V-jito Punch

This is a delicious twist on a classic Mojito, made red by the addition of Lingonberry Juice!

3 parts Smirnoff Vodka Mojito Mix
1 part Lingonberry Juice
1 part sparkling wine
Juice of 2 limes
Lime rings for garnish
Pink decorator’s sugar for garnish

Mix the Mojito Mix, Lingonberry Juice and lime juice together in a punch bowl.
Rim rocks glasses with lime juice and decorator sugar.
Just before the party, add the sparkling wine, then ladle over ice and enjoy!

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