Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cheers to Your Graduate!

When throwing the perfect Graduation party, remember to decorate in school colors- what better way to incorporate school colors than to start with a fun signature cocktail!

The Cap N Gown:

1 750 ml bottle of Prosecco (or non-alcholic Sparkling Apple Cider), chilled
1 12 oz can of Aranciata (or substitute your favorite orange soda), chilled
1 12 oz can of Ginger Ale, chilled

Decorator's Sugar in School Colors:

1 Orange, cut into wedges, for rimming glasses
1/2 pint of Golden Raspberries, frozen
1 pint of fresh Pineapple chunks, frozenToothpicks in School Colors
First, prepare your glasses. Use small martini glasses or coupe champagne glasses. Pour decorator's sugar onto flat plates (one color per plate).

Cut a slit in an Orange wedge and run it around the rim of each glass, to coat the edge with juice (so the sugar will stick). The dip each glass halfway around the rim with each color of sugar.

Next, spear one Golden Raspberry and one Pineapple chunk on a colorful toothpick. Keep them frozen until you need them.
In a large pitcher, mix all the liquids, just before the party (to preserve bubbles!). Put one frozen fruit skewer in each glass, then pour in the bubbly mixture to 3/4 of the way to the top.

Cheers to your graduate!

For more fun party ideas:
Again, choose school colors and personalize the napkins with an image of the school mascot, the GPA of your honoree, or stats about how many hours of study it took to get to this point.

so everyone gets a chance to snap a picture with the graduate.
All you need is:
A Polaroid PoGo instant print cameraScrapbook pages or a pretty album or journal
Markers, stickers, etc. to personalize
A glue stick to mount the photos

Set up the station in a corner or against a wall and
encourage guests to take candid shots with the happy graduate.
Then, print them out and let guests paste them in the book, along with their well wishes.

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