Friday, January 9, 2009

Elementally speaking

For me, the inspiration for creating a party comes first from the chosen setting. From there I can bring the desired mood to life with color, texture, and details. In this natural environment, with its backdrop of green hills and trees, I focused on combining lights and darks in a neutral palette, adding pops of vibrant seasonal blossoms.

Dark rustic charger plates were accented with hand lettered river stones bearing each guest's name. Those served two purposes--a wonderful personal touch and a weight to keep linen napkins from blowing away in the breeze.

More than 100 windchimes hung from an arbor of willow we created at the tent entrance--the sound was so pretty in the breeze, as guests walked down to dinner from cocktails up at the house. Each windchime had a card with a guest's name and table number attached, and the chimes were offered as favors, since the honoree was a serious music lover.

At night the tent glowed with silk lamps we hung over every table, to give the space a more intimate feeling...

When you're thinking about your own party, consider the mood you want to create, and choose a setting that has at least hints of your desired ambiance. Then accent with color, texture, and a few surprises to delight the invited. Why wait? Let's celebrate!


Founder said...
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Founder said...


Love the addition of music. It goes well with the party photos you posted.

Also loved your segment on the Today Show and look forward to more Simple Stunning Episodes!

Looking at your Blog just makes me want to have a party!!! Keep up the fantastic work :)