Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ribbons of Inspiration

I love ribbon, don't you? Whether it's tucked neatly around a beautiful linen napkin or accenting a vase or package, gorgeous ribbon adds something so special. And there is no more amazing ribbon source than the 107-year old ribbon emporium on 38th Street in Manhattan--Hyman Hendler. I tried to call information for their phone number today and couldn't get it. I almost panicked thinking they had succumbed to the economic downturn but thankfully, I was wrong and it was just the 411 service that was lacking. I went there in person and was, as always, delighted at the inspiration I found on spool after spool.

I purchased just two yards of fabric to accent vases for a centerpiece, but while I was there I saw so many pretty ribbons, in gros grain and satin and velvet. These are antique ribbons, many made in France or other far-away places, and all more special than anything you can find at any craft store.

They now have a website.

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Ann Nyberg said...

I want to go to this ribbon place right now...what fun!